Friday, November 28, 2008


We've had an abundance of these guys this season--don't seem to be causing significant damage--I like them.

Virginia Creeper

I like the round pads which attach the stem to the wall--they are STRONG too--pulled the paint right off when I removed them once.  This wall doesn't have paint--the color comes from spraying iron sulfate on the fresh stucco (which also had red iron oxide pigments in it).  The idea is that it never needs painting--very good idea with all of this sun--we'll see how it holds up. 


Common, but gorgeous.

'Tis the Season for Aloe Buds

It makes me amazingly happy to find Aloe flower buds in the axils of the leaves.  I prowl around the garden every few days looking for them!

Caesalpinnea pulcherrima

I love these!  I have both red and yellow varieties.  They need to be whacked back each year so they don't look scraggly.  I think they'll bloom all year if they get enough water.